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The aim of the Academy is to make administration as easy as possible for our volunteers. One means of doing this is to have one committee in charge of all aspects of an event. There is one exception to this rule: the university staff prefers to deal with one person. Accordingly the Assistant Secretary makes contact with Knox and Victoria staff; the Special Events committee makes all catering arrangements except for the Facilitators’ Forum that is arranged by the Curriculum Committee.

It is both courteous and necessary to allow ample time for others to complete their tasks; for example, the content of flyers or e-mails to go out in an Academy mailing must be sent to the Communications Committee, which is responsible for the format of all Academy printed matter, in good time before the mailing date. Those who write pieces for the newsletter should respect the deadlines set by the Communications committee.

The calendar below shows month by month the tasks the Board and Committees must complete to put on the Academy's academic and social programs. The work plan begins and ends with the June Annual General Meeting.

Committee chairs must bear in mind that for every action in the calendar it is important to establish what each committee member is expected to do. The Committee's minutes should show clearly what has been settled and the responsible individuals.



Early June Annual General Meeting; Outgoing President in the chair; President and Committee Chairs make brief reports: Treasurer presents the Auditors report; proposes that the report be accepted and moves reappointment of the Auditors for the coming year.

Immediately after AGM:
First meeting of new Board: members with signing authority [President; Vice-President, Treasurer; Assistant treasurer; Secretary] complete bank forms. President and Vice-president decide which committees they will attend regularly as ex officio members.

Mid-June Special Events Committee holds a first meeting; lists possible events for the coming year; plans the first events and prepares flyers for these events; passes content of flyers to the Communications Committee.

Academy Talks Committee holds a first meeting; fixes dates for later meetings; chooses dates for talks in the coming year; asks Assistant Secretary to book rooms at Knox for future meetings when necessary, develops lists of possible topics and potential speakers (and contacts); first round of invitations may go out to potential speakers with details of the Academy to inform and attract them; puts one member in charge of fall term Wednesday Forums and completes plans for Fall Forums.

Communications Committee holds a first meeting; commissions pieces for August newsletter; prepares flyers for August mailing and passes them to Victoria print shop

Membership Committee continues registration work, randomization, tracking of waitlists, contacts with waitlisted members; prepares report on workshop enrolment; contacts new members; reports workshop enrolments to Board


Membership Committee confirms Workshop enrollment to members.

Weekly Membership Committee continues enrollment procedures.  Membership Committee informs Curriculum committee of workshops with low enrolments (sends monthly reports on enrolment); if a workshop is cancelled (see below) the Membership Committee after consultation with the Curriculum Committee contacts members who enrolled in that workshop and helps them find others; reports to board about enrolments.

Mid-July Academy Talks Committee meets to review progress in recruiting speakers; contact committee members are chosen and invitations are sent to potential speakers.  Final plans for Fall Forums completed and forwarded to Communications Committee for preparation of flyer for August mailing and posting on website.

Mid-July Communications Committee finalizes the August newsletter and flyers about events in the Fall term to go out in the August mailing. Newsletter and flyers go to Victoria print room; both flyers and the newsletter content are sent to the Academy website.

Mid-July: The Past-President, as chair of the Nominating Committee should ensure that a notice is put into the August newsletter requesting that the general membership should send nominations to him/her for board positions for the following year.

Late July Board meets; brief orientation session; Treasurer gives expense claim forms to committee chairs.



Weekly Membership Committee continues enrollment procedures

Early Aug. Mailing team stuffs August mailing (Newsletter; flyers for special events and the list of Forums in the fall term)

Mid-Aug. Academy Talks Committee finalizes details for the Fall Forums. Notices are placed on the bulletin boards in rooms 1 and 5, and in each of the facilitators' folders.

Mid-Aug. Curriculum Committee reviews enrolment report; contacts facilitators if enrolment in a workshop is low (8 or less), discusses cancellation option; informs Membership committee if a workshop is cancelled and thanks facilitator. Curriculum Committee establishes times/place of Audio Visual Training in late September for facilitators or their designated audio-visual assistant. Curriculum Committee establishes dates of meeting for year.

Mid-Aug. Membership Committee prepares Class Lists and Attendance Sheets for all workshops.

Late Aug. Board meets; Treasurer arranges rent first payment and insurance payments.


Early Sept. Assistant Secretary checks arrangements for the Fall term with Knox.

Weekly Membership Committee continues enrollment procedures.  Plans are finalized for the first Fall Forum, at which new members are welcomed. 

Before term Membership makes a file for every workshop [class lists; attendance sheets for fall and winter sessions; name cards; soft tip pens and blank cards; and places it in the file box in the room at Knox where the workshop is to take place.

Before term Special Events Committee checks the arrangements for the upcoming Fall events.

Before term Communication Committee puts flyers on bulletin boards and on the Academy website [e.g. flyers for Special Events; list of Wednesday Forums; workshop timetable; details of coffee prices]. The Communications Committee assigns a member to monitor and update the bulletin boards as necessary.

Term starts! A fortnight after Labour Day

Membership and Academy Talks Committees coordinate the New Member Orientation that takes place at the first Wednesday Forum.

Mid-Sept. Academy Talks Committee meets to review progress in recruiting speakers; invitations are sent when potential speakers are chosen.

Mid-Sept. Communications Committee meets to plan the November newsletter and to commission pieces to be submitted to the editor; the committee arranges for the design of any other flyers to go out in the November mailing.

Mid- September: The Chair of each committee should select from the members an Assistant Chair to ensure continuity.

Late Sept. Special Events Committee meets to plan Holiday Lunch and to set up events for the winter term. Curriculum Committee offers training in Audio-Visual Equipment to facilitators.


Early Oct. Membership Committee deals with last registrants [see above] and makes last report to Board on enrolment. List of past members who have not returned is made and added to potential members list.

Mid-Oct. Academy Talks Committee meets to review progress in recruiting speakers; finalizes plans for the Winter Forums, prepares a flyer for the November mailing and the website, and passes details to the Communications Committee.

Mid-Oct. The Past-President, who will have formed a Nominating Committee, should ensure that a second notice is put into the November newsletter requesting that the general membership should send nominations to him/her for board positions for the following year.

Mid-October: The Chair of each committee should advise the Nominating Committee of the name of the Assistant Chair.

Mid-Oct. Curriculum Committee evaluates number and range of current workshops; establishes a list of potential workshop topics for the coming year; names member to run the Facilitators Forums in the winter term; finalizes the Feedback Questionnaire to be completed last two weeks of fall program; establishes Sub-committees on Feedback, Workshop Description and Biography requirements
Mid-Oct. Communications Committee finalizes the content of the November newsletter and the design of other flyers to go out in the November mailing. Newsletter and flyers are sent to the Victoria print shop and also posted on the Academy website.

Late Oct. Board meets.  Guest list for Holiday Luncheon prepared.



Early Nov. Mailing team meets to stuff envelopes (November newsletter; flyers for special events and Winter Term Forums)

Mid-Nov. Academy Talks Committee finalizes list of speakers and topics for the Spring Talks; asks speakers for a photograph and a short biography; Committee member chosen to prepare text of brochure for the series. Committee Chair sends a formal letter of invitation to each Spring Talks speaker that also includes the parameters and logistics of the presentation.

Mid-Nov. Curriculum Committee posts notice on bulletin boards and invites members to suggest topics for new workshops and names of potential facilitators; prepares workshop evaluation forms and a letter to facilitators describing their role in the evaluation of workshops.

Late Nov. Board meets; Assistant Secretary gets approval to give Christmas gifts or cash to named helpers at Knox and Victoria; Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer presents an updated funds dispersed from the Victoria bursary fund and places the issue of a contribution to SCS on the Board agenda.

Nov.  A week before the last two weeks of workshops, the Curriculum Committee e-mails facilitators about the distribution of upcoming evaluation/feedback forms.

Late Nov. Long Range Planning Advisory Group reports to the Board.


Early Dec. Workshops pause.

Early Dec. Special Events Committee meets to check arrangement for Holiday lunch, to fix a program of events for the winter term and to devise flyers for these events.

Early Dec. Communications Committee meets to plan the March newsletter and to commission pieces to be submitted to the editor; the Committee arranges for the design of any other flyers to go out in the March mailing, to be posted on line or e-mailed.  The Committee receives the brochure content for the Spring Talks from the Academy Talks Committee and plans for the design and printing of the brochure. The Committee also liaises with the Academy Talks Committee on promoting the Spring Talks. The Committee assigns a representative to the Curriculum Committee for planning and producing the Calendar for the following academic year.

Early Dec. Academy Talks Committee prepares final content for the Spring Talks brochure advertising the series and sends the brochure electronically to the Communications Committee for printing.

Early Dec. President sends holiday greetings to short list of contacts, arranges to welcome guests invited to Holiday Luncheon.

Early Dec. Curriculum Committee contacts all current facilitators: to determine if they will continue current workshop; change format or topic; or not facilitate in the following year. The deadline for response is early January.

End of term Curriculum Committee retrieves attendance sheets and feedback forms from workshop files; analyses the data from both sources. The evaluations for individual workshops are returned to the facilitator of that workshop. A report analyzing the feedback is prepared for the meeting of the Board in January.

Mid-Dec. Board meets; Treasurer arranges payment of 2nd rent installment.


Early Jan. Nominating Committee to review results of first call for nominees; devises a second call.

Early Jan. Curriculum Committee meets with the Communications Committee representative to plan the process for producing the new Calendar of Workshops.  Suggested topics for new workshops are reviewed, together with potential and returning facilitators.

Term Starts Third week in January.

Mid-Jan. Special Events Committee meets to organise the events of the winter term; prepare notice for Spring Luncheon to be emailed to members in early February; liaise with Curriculum re Facilitators’ Forum; liaise with Membership re Volunteers’ Luncheon; liaise with Communications re e-mailing members, posting notices on website and notice boards.

Mid-Jan. Membership Committee analyses attendance data for the fall term and reports to the Board.

Mid-Jan Curriculum Committee begins to drafts possible workshop list for coming year and possible facilitator for each topic and a list of contact names for potential new facilitators is generated by the Committee. Committee members are assigned to call possible facilitators; if they agree to facilitate they are asked to prepare a short workshop description and a biography for the Calendar. The deadline for the first draft of the workshop description and biography is the first week of February. The Chair of the Curriculum forwards the first draft to the designated representative of the Communications Committee for the new Calendar for initial proofing and feedback on length, relevancy.

Late Jan. Board meets; Assistant Treasurer requests Chairs to submit estimates of expenses in the coming year


Early Feb The President and other Board officers, including the Treasurer will meet with officials of Knox College for the annual review of ALL's status.

Early to mid Feb Communications Committee approves the content of the March newsletter and design of accompanying flyers.  Newsletter and flyers are sent to the Victoria print shop, the brochure for the Spring Talks is finalized and printed (also at Vic).

Early Feb. Nominating Committee meets to review the slate of candidates for the vacant Board positions. Any candidates are contacted to find out if they are prepared to take on the job.

Early Feb. The Curriculum Committee reviews the list of confirmed workshops for the coming year; if needed seeks further topics and facilitators. The Facilitators are asked to submit at least two preferences for the day/time/week for their workshop. Deadline is third week of February. The Committee confirms the format of the Facilitators Forum and sends the list of confirmed attendees to the Special Events, and later adds the names of new facilitators so they can be invited to the Volunteer Luncheon.

Mid-Feb. Membership Committee meets to design registration form for the coming year; the form, including details of the data to be collected from each member who registers is put to the Board for approval at the March meeting.

Mid-Feb. Past President undertakes an annual review and updating of the Administrative Manual, with the assistance of the officers of the board, the committee chairs and the website manager.        

Late Feb. Curriculum Committee proofs workshop descriptions and bios, establishes the schedule of workshops and returns the copy to the facilitators for final approval. Deadline for return is the end of the first week of March.

Late Feb. Board meets; Committee chairs submit budget requests for the coming year. Treasurer leads budget discussion.  Member of the Board assigned to review material for the first pages of the Calendar.


Early Mar. Mailing team meets to stuff envelopes (March newsletter, Special Events flyers, Spring Talks Brochure) and all material is posted to the Academy website and placed on bulletin boards.

Early Mar. Academy Talks Committee members assigned to follow up with the Spring Talks speakers confirming date and A-V requirements. Members assigned to check arrangements for each presentation (e.g. coat racks; boot mats; A-V equipment; reminders to welcoming/thanking speakers; honorarium to speakers); to consult Treasurer about float at reception table; to ask Volunteer Coordinator to find cashiers and greeters for each talk; to consult with Special Events Committee about refreshments; review back-up arrangements in the event a speaker does not show.

Early Mar. Curriculum Committee finalizes the program of workshops for the coming year; establishes the schedule of workshops for the coming year (noting facilitator preferences); ADD proofs workshop descriptions and bios and returns the copy to the facilitator for final approval. Deadline for return is the end of the first week of March.  Having received approved copy from each facilitator, Curriculum finalizes the Descriptions of Workshops, Subject Index, alphabetical list of workshops (for the Table of Contents) and the Schedule of Workshops for the coming year and forwards the final copy to the Communications Committee.

Mid-Mar. Communications Committee meets to review distribution of information to members by e-mail and website, including the Calendar, Facilitators Forum and Volunteer Luncheon, and the AGM material.  Final review of Calendar content, including introductory material, weekly schedule, week-at-a-glance.  All material sent for production and posting, pending the approval  of the board and the inclusion of the membership fee for the following year.  Preparation of a flyer/handout for use at Spring Talks, in collaboration with the Curriculum Comm.

 Mid-Mar. Deadline for Committee Chairs to submit candidate names for Assistant Chair positions for their respective committees.  Nominating Committee assesses proposed slate; contacts nominees to find out if they are prepared to stand.

Late Mar. Board meets; Board approves budget and sets fee for following year.  Board approves content of Calendar.  Possible report from Long Range Planning Group.

Late Mar. Curriculum Committee establishes the date for the posting of the new calendar on the website and removal of the old information on www.  In cooperation with the Comm Comm, produces copy for a flyer concerning workshops for the coming year, to be available at Spring Talks and as required, for potential members. Finalizes format of the Facilitators’ Forum.


Early Apr. Term ends; Archivist and Assistant Secretary clear workshop files, retain attendance sheets for Curriculum Committee and select papers for archives; clear bulletin boards; store A-V equipment in locked room.

Early Apr. The Membership Committee makes a CD of the database for the past year and passes it to the Academy archivist; a blank file, based upon the workshops planned by the Curriculum Committee and the data to be collected from individual members, is prepared to accept registrations for the coming year.

Early Apr Special Events Committee meets to check arrangements for Volunteer Luncheon and AGM Luncheon.

Mid-Apr. President and Secretary meet to develop the agenda, necessary motions (eg by-law changes), guest list, program for AGM.

Mid-Apr. Spring Talks start for six consecutive weeks. Committee Chair and Vice Chair monitor the arrangements and deal with any issues that develop at each of the Spring Talks. Academy Talks Committee makes all arrangements for the Spring Talks and monitors them (signage, desks manned; cash box and float; refreshments; etc.). Cash takings collected by Treasurer.

Mid-Apr. Board meets

Mid-Apr. Third week of Apr. Curriculum Committee sponsors the Facilitators Forum which is a training session/discussion opportunity for facilitators preparing for the fall term.

Late April Nominating Committee meets to finalize the slate of candidates for the vacant Board positions; Past President requests the candidates provide brief autobiographies to be assembled into a flyer that will be sent out with AGM material.


Early May Treasurer delivers Academy books to Auditor.

Mid-May The Secretary prepares material for the AGM: notice of meeting and the Agenda; minutes of previous AGM; any proposed by-law changes; names of all those proposed by the Nominating Committee to fill Board vacancies ("the Slate") with the autobiographies they have provided; any other flyers provided by the Communications Committee.

Mid-May The Assistant Secretary arranges for e-mailing to members the material for the AGM [to arrive 10 working days before the date of the AGM].

Mid May Special Events Committee meets to check arrangements for AGM Luncheon.

Late May Academy Talks Committee reviews the year’s work; drafts report to Board about the series and suggestions for next series; drafts letters for Academy president to sign thanking each speaker; drafts short report for AGM.

Late May Secretary prepares agenda for June Board meeting [takes place immediately after AGM] and a package for new members of the Board to be given them at the first Board meeting [By-law; budget for coming year; schedule for the incoming year of meetings, minutes of May meeting; expense claim forms].

Late May Board meets; review of financial statement and budget lead by the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.

Mid- May Membership Committee meets to deal with the first tranche of registration forms.  Committee members compile class lists; enter data in Academy database. Committee makes list of new members and initiates "welcoming" activities designed to assist new members to find their way about the Academy.  Asks Assistant secretary to book a room for randomization of oversubscribed workshops the end of June mailing of registration confirmations.


Early June  Annual General Meeting; election of new members to the Board. The first meeting of the new Board is held immediately; sign bank forms for signing authority.