This page last updated September 2014

Academy Talks Committee

Eveleen Armour (Past Chair)
Laura Baldwin
Paula Barber
Barbara Chipman
Patricia Cross
Mary Doucette
Linda Tu
Debrah Weiss (Ass't Chair)

Composition: The Academy Talks Committee consists of a Chair, Assistant Chair, Past Chair and other Academy members chosen by the Chair.

Terms of Reference:The aim of the Academy Talks Committee is to develop and present a program of speakers for six lectures in April and May that appeal to members and guests and that raises the Academy’s public profile. As well, the Committee is responsible for the Wednesday Forums during the academic year.
This committee’s responsibilities include:

            •  Enlisting speakers and developing a schedule for the six Spring Talks lectures.
            •  Securing venues for the Spring Talks and the ten Wednesday Forums
            •  Provide lists of the five Fall and the five Winter Forums to the Communications Committee
            •  Providing the programme for the Spring Talks brochure to the Communications Committee and organizing all publicity materials i.e.content, design, printing and distribution.
            •  Recruiting introducers and responders.
            •  Organizing A/V equipment and technical assistance.
            •  Planning, coordinating and advertising the Wedneday Forums and the Spring Talks.
            •  Staffing the Spring Talks reception and information tables, and arranging for refreshments.
            •  Arranging for the Forums and Spring Talks speakers' honoraria and letter of thanks.

Reporting: A copy of committee meeting minutes is distributed to the President, Vice-president and Secretary prior to the monthly Board meeting and a summary is presented at the meeting by the Committee Chair.