Membership Committee

This page last updated September 2014

Roma Donatelli
Sally Ferguson (Asst. Chair)
Laura Hill (Vol. Coord)
Sue Kralik (Past Chair)
Karen Kwan
Shirley Lewis (Chair)
Margaret Robertson (Ex-officio)
Peter Steiner
Janet Stern

The Membership committee consists of a Chair, Assistant Chair, Manager of the Academy's Database, Volunteer Coordinator, and other Academy members chosen by the Chair.

Terms of reference:
The role of the Membership Committee consists of 4 key areas:

1. Registration Services
2. New Member Orientation
3. Volunteer Coordination
4. Database Management

The new Calendar is made available online in April and online registration opens at the same time. Printed Calendars are mailed in May to Continuing members who have not yet registered or who do not have internet access, to persons who specifically request them, and to Potential members without internet access.
All registration data is entered into the database as it is received, both online and by mail until the date for randomization. On that date, oversubscribed workshops are randomized to determine admission to the workshop and to create waitlists. After randomization, registrations are processed and added to the waitlists on a first-come, first served basis. Three places in each workshop are held for New members until August 1st, after which time they are assigned to those waitlisted in priority order.
The following are the activities performed by the Membership Committee to enable registration in the Academy:

• Processing registration forms and fees (database entry April-Sept)
• Running the randomization process for over-subscribed workshops, with Board members and affected facilitators invited to attend (late May/early June)
• Contacting by telephone all members who are waitlisted (early June)
• Confirming status in workshops and waitlists by e-mail or mail where no internet access (early June)
• Tracking waitlists for over-subscribed workshops and assisting members in selecting alternatives (June-Sept)
• Advising Facilitators of workshop enrollment and confirming maximum numbers they will accept in their workshop (May-June)
• Preparing class lists and attendance sheets for workshops (Sept)

• Once registration is completed, our Volunteer Coordinator contacts all new members to welcome them to the Academy.
• Each September the Membership Committee works with the Forums Committee to welcome New Members to the Academy at the first Forum of the year.
• The Committee also receives calls from Potential New Members throughout the year and facilitates their registration directing them to the website if they have internet access and/or adding them to our Potential members mailing list if they do not.

• The Volunteer Coordinator works to let members know what opportunities there are for them to help run the Academy.
• The Volunteer Coordinator uses the database to identify people who might be interested in helping with specific tasks and recruits members to sit on committees and to carry out the varied tasks necessary to run an organization with no paid staff.
• The Volunteer Coordinator also works with the Board's Nominating committee to help with nominations to the Board and in recruiting new Assistant Chairs for committees.

One of the ongoing tasks of the Membership Committee is to manage the Academy's database overseen by the Manager Database. Some tasks included are:

• Keeping members data current – i.e. address changes etc.
• Adding Potential members throughout the year
• Creating labels for all Mailings
• Creating name badges for all formal events
• Preparing class lists for workshops
• Training new Committee members to work with the database

The Membership Committee also reports to the Board on membership data and procedures.