Joining the Academy
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The Academy is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Members not only make classroom presentations, they also enthusiastically act as workshop facilitators, and sit on the myriad committees that keep the Academy vigorous.

To learn more about us, please read the comments from some of our members below, or contact the Membership Committee who will be pleased to answer your questions.

Susan Gaston
Chair - Membership Committee

The Academy values your privacy and does not share your information with any other group.

Dugal Campbell
Joined in 1995

I see the Academy as a way to explore ideas and topics that I have not had an opportunity to look into before. Each year there is an opportunity to fill different gaps in my education. What is also important is that the original friends whose advice got me into the Academy remain as friends and my circle has been enlarged by others whom I have come to know in workshops and while doing the shared tasks of running the Academy.

Don Nicol
Joined 2002

A friend invited me to the Academy to participate in her workshop on IMF Structural Adjustments in Argentina. Then someone asked me to co-facilitate Fundamentalism and Fanaticism. Who could resist Mediaeval Architecture, Photography as Social Comment, Opinions, and Africa Through African Eyes? The Academy has been both gift and dilemma - learn new things, explore other ways, encounter different points of view, and spend good times together.
David Kister
Joined in 2003

I spent a great deal of time and effort throughout my career learning to do my job better.  I enjoyed the learning experience immensely. Now I am continuing and enhancing that process, spending even more time and effort in learning, learning that makes my life better and richer. The Academy is a major contributor to my process, providing a great environment for me to learn and grow, to experience and share.
Margaret Robertson
Joined in 1994

Two things make the Academy experience so enjoyable for me: the opportunity to learn and make friends with like-minded individuals, and the Academy’s location on the University of Toronto campus. I find the campus setting raises the expectation of a learning experience at a high level.
Julia Matthews
Joined in 2005

I feel fortunate that I can go to a Spring Talk on a subject I’d like to know more about and - after an hour - find enlightenment. Workshops are a slower and deeper way of learning, both sociable and challenging.
Janet Li
Joined in 2008

The academy has been a great find for me in retirement. Its long list of workshops that ranges from the esoteric to the applied and the academic to the light- hearted appeals both to my curiosity and itch to learn. I am sure to find something exciting, interesting and engaging. As well, I like the seminar format that requests each member to contribute a presentation during the course of the workshop. It not only provides the space and freedom to explore a topic of one’s choice but also fosters an informal, collegial atmosphere to the discussions. Inevitably, I find myself gaining many times more than what I have contributed. And that is just terrific.