2:00 - 4:00 p.m.  -  Knox College
Room 5 (may change)


September 23: Presenting our Presenters:

     Madeline Grant - The Great Exhibition of 1851 (the Crystal Palace) in London
     Karen Melville - Renaissance Art
     Linda Tu - Danish Astronomer, Tycho Brahe

October 7: The Debate
"The Conservative/Harper Government has Made Canada a Safer Place"

     Moderator: Dugal Campbell
          For the motion - Jim McCartney, David Kister
     Opposed to the motion - Pat Cross, Patricia MacDonald

October 21:

     Momo Kano Podolsky - Japan, Land of Paradoxes

Nov. 4:

     Catherine Porter - Haiti After the Earthquake: A journalist’s perspective

Nov. 18:

     Will Postma - Pathways to Education


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