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4.1.Calendar of Events - General

Annual General Meeting: The AGM takes place in early June. The out-going President takes the chair and provides an overview of the work of the Board over the past year. The Committee Chairs in turn summarize the work of their respective standing committees. The Treasurer presents the Auditors Report including the status of the bursaries and moves appointment of auditors for the next year. The Past President, Chair of the Nominating committee, presents the slate of Board nominees and moves that they be elected. Immediately after the AGM the out-going President convenes the newly elected Board and conducts elections for the slate of Officers, after which the newly elected President takes the chair.

Board Meetings: The Academy’s Board meets once a month, generally but not always, on the third Friday of each month.

Committee Meetings: Dates for meetings of the Standing Committees are at the call of the Committee Chair (but see the monthly work plan below).  The chair of each committee calls the first meeting shortly after the AGM; at this meeting the committee's plan of work for the year is laid out and specific tasks are given to the members.

Postal Mailings and Mailing dates:  There are 3 general mailings each year to Academy members, as well as frequent e-mailings. These mailings by post include the Academy’s newsletter and flyers to announce Academy events. The mailings usually take place on a Monday in August, November, and March.  Mailings are coordinated by the Assistant Secretary who calls for volunteers to stuff envelopes and they take place at Victoria University. The Victoria mailroom handles sealing the envelopes, franking and puts the mail in the post.

E-Mailings and Website Postings:  Coordinated by the Communications Committee, there are several e-mailings to members during the year regarding Special Events, Walks, Talks, and Forums (see below); these events are also posted on the website.  In April, the Calendar of Workshops for the following academic year is posted on the website, with registration information.  In May, follow-up mailings and e-mailings are carried out by the Membership Committee to ensure that the new Calendar has reached all members, potential members and organizations in the Academy data base.  In late May, the secretary prepares a special e-mailing to all members in preparation for the AGM.  In June the Membership committee sends an e-mail to members who have enrolled in workshops to let them know in which of their desired workshops they have a place. The Membership Committee calls members who have not got into the workshops they had chosen; they can either be put on a waiting list or choose another workshop. For further mailing information see the Membership Committee Procedures in the Index,  item 3.2.3.

Proofreading: Every item that is sent out from the Academy is to be proof-read by at least two independent readers one of whom is in a position to verify facts such as dates, phone numbers, titles, etc.

Workshop Dates: The Fall Term begins a fortnight after Labour Day and ends twelve weeks later. The Winter Term begins on a Monday two weeks after New Year and ends twelve weeks later.

Special Events: The Academy runs a number of social events for members such as a lunch after the AGM; Spring and Summer walks; a Potluck Picnic and a Fall Walk in October; a Holiday Lunch in December; a Spring event in March; and a Lunch for Volunteers in April.

Spring and summer walks: Academy walks take place in the fall, spring and summer. The Special Events Committee organizes members to lead walks lasting about two hours at a moderate pace inside the GTA. [The start and terminus must be within reach of the TTC; at the end point a reasonable meal should be near at hand]. The program of walks is posted on the website.

Academy Talks: The Academy puts on six lectures that are open to the public in April and May. A special flyer listing the Talks is prepared and mailed with the March Newsletter, and announcements of these lectures appear in the U. of T. Bulletin and on the Academy website. As well, speakers are arranged for Wednesday Forums in the fall and winter terms for members.